The new iso of garuda raptor sway doesn't implement properly

Hi i just downloaded the new Iso of garuda sway iso today ,
I seems like garuda sway hadn't got all the features and fixes that it promised .
like about alacritty footer problem, it shows me this :
(oops I don't know why but in this live booted Iso , upload picture option isn't working , anyways I will upload it when I will be back in my dailly driver)

other than that there is no netspeed like thing in waybar

you can see in picture uploaded

(well I have some issues with netspeed script too but currently I am not willing to raise that thing :sweat_smile: , don't think I am rude or lazy but I am currently busy for my final exams as this final exam will decide my career , hint for those who are eager to know what is the problem , it gives some kind of message like : "is it infinite script? " and then doesn't shows may be this will be problem die to hyprland, I will make an Issue thread for this in future , not today:sweat_smile: )

I request to garuda team to please implement these things
I downloaded the ISO today at about 6:00 PM through sourceforge from download page of garuda.
( sorry for bad English if it is , I am writing it in a little hurry .... :sweat_smile: )

What is the ISO file name?

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the file name is :


Yes, I noticed this too. All the changes are in there merged and everything, just the PKGBUILD hasn't been updated in the meanwhile.

My understanding is a new PKG version and a matching tag have to be pushed for the changes to start getting built into the new ISO.

@OdiousImp can you take a look when you get a chance?


@BluishHumility This is very correct. I just took care of it, the new version will be in the repo in a few.


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