The home directory of the current user could not be determined

I'm in the process of Setting up Emby Server and there looks to be a system specific issue. Please see the below thread. The gelow is what one member ther found in my Emby Server log. Thanks

InnerException: System.InvalidOperationException: The home directory of the current user could not be determined.

Have you checked over the wiki page?

It looks like it is set up to run under the emby user, so does that user have access to the user's $HOME?

I installed and set it up exactly as it is in EOS so should be no difference, but I'll check out the wiki.

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your_user is Emby right and not me?

Whatever $USER is for your user account.


So it's me then. This gets confusing cause I thought I would be adding Emby to that.

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Jonathon why don't I write that up sometime tonight or tomorrow and post on both forums then if you guys don't mine letting me know if anything looks wrong before I actually do it.



I just finished doing everything in that Wiki tut, but the last part has me a bit confused. Looks like it has two different names. Bolded the pat I'm questioning. As For the content I bolded what I think the file would look like once created.

Then you can extend the systemd service by creating the following file:


[Service] SupplementaryGroups=media

[Service] SupplementaryGroups=media

@jonathon please see the above post. Thanks

@jonathon thanks for the help. Took the chance that I was right that the one part was folder and file name so created folder emby-server.service.d with file write-permissions.conf with that ciontent in it then that to a user this morning on the Emby forums ran sudo systemctl daemon-reload and sudo systemctl restart emby-server, was told to run another command by console, ran it, checked Emby and all is working perfectly now. Thanks again for the help with this. I honestly would of never found that Wiki you linked to.


I'm glad I put this on my "to-do list" so you could find the answer yourself while you were waiting. :grin:


That tut leaves a bit to desire. Typical Wiki either WAY too much info or missing info. In this case not clarifying folder and file and not having those two commands in it. Thanks again


If you want, you can add to the wiki page - I suspect your experience with this would make for a valuable addition and help others in a similar situation in the future.


I actually thought about that. I like things spelled out in detail so anyone can follow the instructions. Like this I know there is a easier way but I'll be damned if I could find my notes on it.