The Garuda Linux is only OS I tried in which xkill is not required

I tried ,

  1. Linux Mint
  2. Manjaro KDE
  3. Manjaro GNOME
  4. Pop OS!

but all of them hanged at some points. and need xkill to kill process.

I used very first Gruda GNOME and now Garuda KDE but none of them needed any xkill. :star_struck:.This shows how stable Garuda is....


That is because the developers have included "nohang" to help prevent Out Of Memory (OOM) events.

I had a lengthy freeze the other day triggered by trying to open a text file GB's in size with Kate. Kate is not very good at handling large files and it choked for quite a long time.

After bringing this up with @librewish he has decided to include further support for dealing with system hangs. He is planing on including support for enabling the magic SysRq key to gracefully handle a frozen system. Support is planned as a user selectable option in the Garuda Welcome App.


Correction - as the Garuda Welcome App now has so many new additions @librewish thought it best to add the magic SysRq key option to the Garuda Boot Options App.

It is the sysrq_always_enabled=1 check box that activates the magic SysRq key in the kernel.

You can read more about this useful feature here: