The garuda installer does not show any steps to install the System!

Friends, my respect! please help with advice ... When you download the next version of garuda 221106 from the site Index of /garuda/iso/garuda/dr460nized/ and create a bootable media on a flash drive, the installation of the System does not occur. After the bootloader appears on the screen, no more installation steps are shown on the screen! Everything is fine with the iso image version for 221019!

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Hi there, welcome to the forum!
Please always refer to the latest (official) build.
The one from the 19-oct is in-fact the correct image.
The "branch" you linked includes the daily/ development builds.
Thanks for pointing it out anyway.
It could be that calamares needs a rebuild, according to an old closed issue with the same error message.


Thanks everyone for the clarification! I was a little worried about such a bug ... I wish you well!

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