The day has come!

All right ladies an gents!

As per this thread, I was having some issues after reinstalling my Garuda installation. Although I’ve managed to fix my issue and was able to boot into Windows, I was welcomed by a message that my Windows license is not active because THE HARDWARE HAS CHANGED (it has not).

That’s it.

Right now I’m in process of backing up my files on the Windows drive and then I’m installing on that nvme Garuda over it. Second SSD will serve as my home partition.

Happy Easter :person_raising_hand:


I can only think of your icon (Grim Reaper) pointing to the Windows drive and saying “the day has come!” :laughing:


I don’t think I’ve used Windows in 10 years. Once in a blue moon I might miss a piece of Windows only software. However, it’s not too hard to get over. Windows, is like the nosy next door neighbor that just won’t stay out of your business. You won’t regret moving on.

Congrats!!! :partying_face:


Congrats !
but if want to use it in a VM

im just sayin
told you so agree GIF by Bounce


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