The blue "post counter" on mobile browser

That blue box showing post number where you are (like 9/10), when you get to last post, it's directly on top of the "reply" - button. And masks them...

At least on Firefox it is. Am I missing something obvious?
It kinda makes me not want to try posting, from mobile.

Same on tablet, I then use the horizontal view.
You have to send the complaint about this to Firefox. Or discourse :slight_smile:


Yep, you have to scroll down very very slowly, and when it gets close to the buttom, there'll be a small gap between the counter and the reply


God, that's horrible! xD

Not that it would be the first time, though... On some other (can't remember what the software was) forum software (Xenforo?) there was a problem with side menu. Which on FF mobile, didn't scroll, unless you zoomed the view first...

Aggravating, though eventually it did get fixed :wink:

Well, maybe I'll be able to live ;p

P.S. I remembered correctly, it was Xenforo...