The BIG thread about laptops

Let us all know on what laptop you are running garuda on and how did it work out of the box and what you did to fix some of the common issues. This thread is for people looking to buy new laptops so they don't have to struggle with problems on laptops that have generally hard to fix issues when running linux.

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Lol, my similar thread was redirected here and closed.

This is specific laptop models. You got to be more specified since a lot of things can change from laptop to laptop.

I'm running Garuda on Dell XPS13(9300).
This laptop doesn't need to any customization for installation. (except for secureboot)
And it works without any problems out of the box.
However, the fingerprint reader does not work well with sddm. Although there are folk drivers ready, It's faster to type a password.
Also, I don't use Howdy(Windows Hello) for security reasons.

I'm interested in the System76 and Starlabs laptop experience. Does anyone have it?:face_with_monocle:


MSI GL65_9se here.

Everything worked out of the box except fans and battery control. I installed ISW from github. Now all is working great!


I have a Lenovo Flex 5 (Ryzen 4500U) that works fine now OOTB after kernel 5.7.12 and the most recent BIOS. Earlier kernels did have some hardware gremlins, but that was last summer. I haven't used the fingerprint reader and probably never will.

Previously I've had good luck with Dell Inspirons (intel), but that was before discovering Garuda.

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I own an ASUS TUF Gaming A17. No problems here. Garuda runs smooth out of the box.

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Currently - HP 745 G6 - runs ok, except for the a hang on reboot - which I still have yet to install the main stream kernel (I think that is what it is called...will have to go back and look at my thread).

I did not know that Counterstrike would run on this - I might install it :slight_smile:

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Does even the RGB keyboard work? I want to get either a Razer or MSI and was not sure how Linux plays with the RGB and how battery life is with them.