Thank you very much from Paris

Just a few lines to thank you.I am french linux enthousiast, since a couple of years.I never really stock with a distro.I am phd i adult education, webdev, ux designer, bass player and mao beginner, etc...and never found the linux distro which suits my needs before, this bizarre amazing looking distro.I am trying it since a few days, and i am about to stop coding in pop os, as i found all the pre configured tweaks i always looked this user friendly pro beautiful cutting edge distro.Thanks a lot and long life to Garuda anwaiting the time i will join you to contribute.


Welcome :hugs: glad you enjoy the bizarre


First distro, i don't need to tweak.Neither for icons, nor for UI, Ux design, vim, bash (fish actually),...the only thing i modified so far, is yakuake skin...but i am still looking forward to have one wich stick better with dragonized interface.
Now i am looking forward to get better battery performance.I didn't install cpuautofreq, nor tlp since there is conflict with garuda performance package, but so far, this laptop, which is dual booted with win10, last around half of windows time, with the same full battery charge...

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You can simply switch performance tweaks with power saving tweaks form Garuda Assistant.


Thanks, battery performance is now better than in windows 10.Besides, i played metro 2033, from epic store.I installed it with ease on this asus zenbook laptop with integrated gpu...whitout any issue.Never could to this on linux.Garuda Linux people, is freaking awesome team of witchers !

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