Thank you Garuda!

I have recently managed to install Pure Arch Linux from scratch with Btrfs snapshotting using Timeshift and I am so happy right now! Its all thanks to Garuda giving me a stable arch base to learn from and gain some confidence in. I wanna thank the devs and forum volunteers for helping resolve my issues. I also learned the Arch Way thanks to Garuda. I will still maintain the laptop post for Garuda as I find things out.

So... you dumped the beloved Garuda linux :frowning_face:?

Yeah I've been considering it after I got vfio working. Then I needed to resize my root partition and I used that as an opportunity to try it out and boy I'm loving it. Pure arch is something to behold.

IMO, any arch derivative is pretty darn close to pure arch :slight_smile:

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Well I'm on laptop and it wasn't for me. Garuda was the first one that worked. But I am getting better performance off my vm with the same config on pure arch.

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