Thank You Garuda Devs

Hey there my fellow Penguins or Eagles in this case.

I rarely post this type of posts on any particular Forum but I have to, this time Around.

I am a 13 years Plus Linux user, had some exposure to Manjaro 5 years ago but always found KDE over crowded and way too complicated with thousands of options and menus. I stayed on the Debian or Fedora side of the world for a fair period of time.

Garuda has genuinely impressed me on pretty much all fronts ... but definitely as a through and through gamer this is the distro that has put me the closest to ditch Windows once and for all. great work i appreciate the work put in and i am enjoying your distribution as my daily driver now for about a month. For me almost everything just works out of the box "even printing and scanning" I know right!!!! LMAO.

Well i just wanted to take a moment to thank you guys.... See you around folks.


Also... as my thanks... If needed my native Language is Spanish so i would be glad to contribute if needed..

Not sure whats the process for that.. but i'd be glad to help if needed.



If necessary, I will open a Spanish section.


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