Thank You for Dr460nized!

To all the developers of Garuda, my congratulations. Dr460nized with KDE Plasma is by far the best distro I've ever seen. I was previously using Makulu linux and Ubuntu Studio, but I had been looking for something better for a while now. It only took 30 minutes trying out the iso to decide to make this my main OS.

I can tell how much extra time went in to all the details and matching up everything so precisely. I've been using Dr460nized for about a week so far and I love it,

I didn't have any issues with the installation at all, and I love the integrated timeshift especially since upgrades breaking my install has been my biggest problem with previous distros. Even after a week the only issue I had was two days ago with an update that was updating wallpapers, calamares was having issues with two of the wallpapers already existing (dr460nf1r3-wp-sgs.png and METALL-sgs.png in /usr/share/wallpapers/garuda-wallpapers).

I've also had some issues with some of the packages in the AUR not working or installiing correctly, but that's not a problem with the distro. I was able to set up and install almost all the software I wanted with only a couple items having issues.

I can hardly believe how simplified you have made arch, I had always stayed away from arch due to the complexity.

I have a couple questions about various little minor issues/details that I'll post separately. Thank you again.


Welcome, and enjoy the... simplicity clarity. :joy:


Five days in and I still love Garuda.

One of the most unique and cool features are the context menus along the top of most apps that support it. I'm used to having those on my mac at work. I have not seen that feature on any other Linux version, I love it. I know not all apps can support it, but it's still awesome and works on most of the apps I use the most.

I also think the Garuda assistant is a really nice touch too, simplifying a whole bunch of tasks like when I wanted to add scanner support, it went and selected all the packages I needed to load for me.

The gamer helper is really great too, I like the way it really showcases most of the games, tools, controllers, and emulators that I might want. I hadn't seen all those in one place all gathered up for me before. I wouldn't have even known what to look for on some of these.

I had mostly been sticking to Xfce and having to make a huge amount of modifications to make it look and feel the way I wanted. I had already determined I wanted KDE Plasma for my next distro, but the look and feel customization in Dr460nized takes this all the way to an experience I never could have done as well myself. It simply is amazing, it's better that I had imaged to do myself. I only had to make a few minor changes to make it mine. I had been thinking of trying the fish shell too, it turned out to be just as good as I had imagined, but I didn't have to do all the work of setting it up, I only had to make a few minor changes like setting vi edit mode and other minor things.

I have enough ram that I actually like the idea of using some of it to make the OS more responsive too. The kernel that uses some of that memory for something I find very useful is a great, I didn't know there was a kernel for that, but I shouldn't be surprised.

Updated fresh software is great too, I was tired of having many packages I wanted to find not being available. I'd never tried an arch based distro as my main OS before, but now that I have seen how much is available in the repositories I'm pretty happy that I did. I was looking for a rolling release that had updated software that had a great mechanism to make doing those updates safe, which brings me to the last item..

And lastly, Timeshift being set up by default really makes it so much more enjoyable to find and try new software since I no longer have to worry about whether a system update or new software install will cause me hours of pain troubleshooting something that breaks my install on update.