Thank you a lot!

I have been using Linux since 1999 when I was student. As a passionate user innumerable times done install experiments and usage experiments countless distributions including quite unheard ones. Due to responsibilities at various fronts, these days at the most once in a year or two at max I get chance to try different ones and a round up of how things are around to get first hand knowledge. For the last few days I was in dire need to find a good distribution. Main problem was vmware has become so unreliable and in many distributions with latest hardware, it was a tough thing and when I had updated, worst things happened and I decided to move to KVM as my need for some esoteric setup is over and may not need vmware workstation again.

I was hesitant to use Garuda Linux for this purpose though when I had tried my hands at various distributions, I only had lost lot of productive time to make things work in the way I wanted.

Finally I tried Garuda Linux today and during install it did not delete partition table reporting the error and stopping. Thought, this too … (sorry but sharing my initial wrong impression). But then tried looking help; solved easily.

A few small hurdles like making windows key work, dbus_vs_dotnet install issue, installing exa, removing --icons in .bashrc.

But after installing KVM, it was the most unexpected experience till date with any distribution I had tried. It just worked as if it read what is deep in my mind wished for. Amazing experience !!

Don’t get me wrong when I say, I remembered what Linus Torvalds long back said out of frustration when desktop environments did not work as intended when he had tried installing and using but falling short of his expectation. At that time I did not realize the importance as I was not so much dependent on usability back then. But now it is absolutely critical for me as I can not spend time on the stuff like when I was a student nor earlier / early mid stages of my career.

The software complexity is increasing day by day and getting the installed system to dance to my tunes in a balanced way is becoming only more difficult over the years no matter which distribution I tried. But but… I can not just believe when I see a distribution so beautiful (not meaning aesthetics, though they are needless to say, so cool, which everyone realized) and perfected to the core this great.

Literally I felt tears. You have not just put fun back into computing but have put life back into Linux especially for those who had first hand experiences in the Linux distributions’ evolution.

My observation before installing was, the forum was not having the needed subtle smile seen in a matured organized forum. Guys, believe me it is not true. Please never aim for such fallacy. When the pain is known then the words come with much needed scientific touch in reality and they always have some kind of agony, no matter how much you try not to show up. (But I guess we have AI technologies btw to take care such, if needed, just in case acceptable and reword). So I knew what to look for and what not to. But the main reason why I choose to install was not these communication related aspects. It was that, the forum was ‘highly active’. This made me to go ahead and try, apart from my dissatisfaction with other distributions as mentioned already.

Congratulations for making this kind of distribution. I have never praised any distribution though used. This is the first time I felt like sharing my feelings in a public forum. But it is worth.

For sure, this distribution will become the number one distribution, not just among Linux flavors but also …

Finally, I could not contribute when paypal denied and as I do not use the other websites which I do not know. Please add some more ways to do the transfer. GPay per country, where possible ?

Thank you.



Cool. :slight_smile:

We don’t want to become number one, we are already worried that a flood of ex-M$ users will overrun the forum from 2025. :smiley:

Thank you for your kind words and we hope that you will not lose your joy with Garuda Linux in a VM so quickly.
We only recommend the installation on hardware :slight_smile:


I meant Google Pay. But anything which works and is trust worthy (personal feeling at the end) will work.

Installed on Dell Precision 5570. VM was not a Linux based OS.


Thank you. But as already mentioned, paypal denied.

error: “Donations to this recipient aren’t supported in this country”

Thank you for the kind words of gratitude towards Garuda. Don’t lose any sleep or feel guilty about using Garuda for one day and not contributing to the project. When you have been using the distro for a while, then a donation would be greatly appreciated, (but not expected).

Since day one the Garuda team has attempted to keep the distro’s expenses as low as possible. Garuda does not waste large sums of money on frivilous purchases or paid junkets to Linux conferences. We are not hurting for money, because our yearly expenses are kept as reasonable as possible. We appreciate financial contributions, but please do not feel guilty about not contributing financially when you’ve only used Garuda for a single day.

There are many ways other than financially that you can contribute to Garuda. Simply participating on the forum is a great way to help with building a vibrant online community. Posting a positive review of Garuda on Linux oriented websites such as Distrowatch is also a nice way to show your appreciation for what the Devs here do. If you speak a second language, translations of Garuda program documentation is another nice way to give back. Contributing to the Garuda Wiki is another method of contributing positively to the project.

Welcome to the Garuda community @7in. I hope you have a long love affair with our distro.


I can not take free service and can not give attention in the way requested. Sorry about the turn of events but I have to go for another distribution, if donations are not possible situation arises for me.

Hundreds of thousands use Garuda without donating or shaking a hand.
One more or less doesn’t matter.

I think there’s a problem with the translation.


If you can’t donate the linux distro that you are using (for example me in past who have used many deb based distro in past but never contributed anything ) it doesn’t mean you don’t have any right to use it, also donating money is one form of help but there are many ways :wink:


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