Terminal user name at prompt looks strange

Newbie here, I'm seeing this at the terminal prompt:

XXXX(my name)-macbookpro114%

What is 114% ?

Don't know if it's of any importance.

I'm on the XFCE desktop, using the default terminal.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

[email protected] in ~ took 2m16s

Maybe missing font?
What is macbookpro?? :smiley:

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and what does XXXX signify? Is that obscene? :slight_smile:
Or it could be your 114th command.


macbookPro is the computer. I'm wondering if 114% is the model (it's a model 11.4)

No $ in the prompt or current directory. Something I need to configure?

Thanks for looking

Nobody I do not understand what is the problem, post in text the output from the terminal, edit your secret username to xXx :slight_smile:

Or use flameshot for a mini screenshot like this, use pixelate from flameshot to hide your username 2021-02-06_19-07

Maybe @Yorper know :slight_smile:

I did a little configuration, and now have the prompt giving me the current directory, so I'm good for now. Pretty sure that the MacBook 114% is the computer model, I saw it flash by at boot up. Still working on autocompletion on tab, that doesn't seem to be on. I see the proper completion dimmed out, but the tab doesn't fill in the rest of the string.


Run in terminal

echo $SHELL

Use this info to configure your Shell prompt. (DDG how to configure $SHELL prompt)

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It’s because Garuda doesn’t use the standard bash, which everyone typically expects :wink:


You can configure fish shell prompt via it's web interface.
In a terminal type:


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Thanks, but am I think I'm using the p10k prompt. Still sort of puzzled by how this terminal is set up. I went through the p10k config, and I like my config on the prompt now that I've gotten used to it.

I'd like to replace the eagle graphic at the top of the terminal with something smaller, but haven't had any success with that yet.

Another puzzle to solve!

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Search in forum for neofetch, it is easier to change than Paleofetch.

Thanks, will explore that. If I want to change from zsh to fish as the default terminal, how would i do that. I tried in the default applications panel, but It didn't change my terminal. Choosing "run fish" from the Whisker menu also didn't launch . If I'm in the zsh terminal, and type fish it does seem to change the prompt. Thanks for your patience, as you probably can tell, I'm new to this and just want to learn more. Really like the Garuda Distro so far, thanks for your help.

Are you sure fish is installed?

To list your shells type in a terminal:

chsh -l

To change your shell to fish just type in a terminal:

chsh -s /usr/bin/fish

And don't forget to log out and back in to see the change.
(Thanks to @petsam for that reminder)


Then log-out and login to the new shell :wink:


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