Terminal use. Shortcut?

I really like the greyed out area in the teminal whereby you can type over the "sudo pacman -S" in order to alleviate incorrect requests.

Is it possible to have a keyboard shortcut that automatically inserts this without typing. Or is it already available to use. I could not find anything relating to this.


Just use -> arrow key or press tab


Many thanks. Thought there would be a way. :grinning:


I tried that but it did not appear to work.

Ctrl+F is probably what you are looking for :thinking:

Thank you. Will try that.

Just set up an alias:

alias u="sudo pacman -Syyu"

type u press enter.

thanks. I have carried out what you suggested without anything changing. Where do you type u and press enter. I tried where you would normally enter "sudo pacman -S" without success.

Am I missing something. If so, what.


-Syyu is considered bad practice since it puts extra unneccessary load at the servers, use -Syu instead.

Setting up an alias is easy.
Open ~/.zshrc, find the lines containing alias=, add your own alias as described above.
Then reopen the terminal or type source ~/.zshrc to apply the alias. Its enough to type u in the terminal to update now.


Thanks for the explanation. Will use -Syu only in future.