Terminal is opening a HTML document in different browser than the default

If I type: help echo in terminal, file:///usr/share/doc/fish/cmds/echo.html opens in LibreWolf, even when I have FireDragon in Default Applications. Anyway I'm going to uninstall LibreWolf as I have FireDragon, but don't want to let the problem left behind.

inxi -Fxxxza

Edit: I also checked File Associations > text > html, there too FireDragon is at the top. Don't know why from terminal LibreWolf is being opened.

FYI: This kind of problem used to happen between Chromium and Firefox long before, some applications (DMDE to be more specific) used to open always in Chromium even if I had Firefox as default browser.

Maybe, is there something to deal with terminal's (Konsole and Alacritty, both) settings rather than DE's file associations settings?

Thanks for taking your time.

Take a look at ~/.profile, there might be

export BROWSER=librewolf

which needs to be replaced by firedragon


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