Terminal Installation - Nomodeset

Due to some known bugs with kernel support for Ryzen 5000 chipsets along with some sloppiness on AMDs parts, my laptop won't boot to a graphical environment off the bat.

To get it to work with Arch, I've had to:

  1. Boot with nomodeset
  2. Install Arch
  3. Manually install patched AMDGPU drivers.
  4. Update to a 5.11.x kernel (not sure what Garuda ships with atm).
  5. Make some changes to the XOrg config.
  6. Install nvidia-beta drivers.
  7. Disable nomodeset, rebuild initramfs and reboot.

This is straightforward enough using pacstrap etc. My question is thus, how can I go about performing a Garuda install from the terminal so that a similar result to the Calamares install is achieved?

A familiarity with BTRFS, ZRAM, Timeshift & nohang would help. ArchWiki has it's stuff, and there are umpteen YouTube videos on BTRFS.

EDIT: Add Garuda repos to pacman.conf.


I'm reasonably familiar with all of the above (certainly no expert though)...

I just want to end up with the Garuda experience rather than essentially arch with a few different repos.

Is there a set of scripts I can run or things I need to configure to end up like that?

I think a TUI installation option similar to Manjaro Architect could be a good development going forward.

The set of configs on GitLab:

Agreed, especially since it was scripted for Arch to begin with (I'm intimately familiar with Architect).


I'll see if I can get it working from that...

In terms of porting over Architect, how much work do you think it would be? I'd be happy to help but I'm not familiar with how it's been implemented

You don't have to help, you have to do it yourself.
You don't have to keep reinventing the wheel.
Take a look at the things from Chrysostomus, make a fork and rebuild it according to your wishes.

Good luck :slight_smile:


Have you tried the Barebones edotion?


Hi there, I am running a 4500u with no dedicated graphics and I can't boot without 'nomodeset'
Your instructions to get Vanilla arch working might work for me too.
I was wondering what changes did you make to the Xorg config and what's an initramfs and I'm guessing by patched AMDGPU drivers you mean the latest ones right?

Hi there, welcome!
Please open a new topic for your issue (don't forget to include your inxi -Faz) since this one is very old, and things change quickly in rolling distros.
And I'm afraid the OP is not using at least the forum after this topic, so won't answer...
I'm going to close this.