Terminal applications are using the wrong terminal emulator

When I open terminal applications such as vi and ncspot they default to xterm instead of kitty. Is there any way to change this globally without uninstalling the terminal applications or modifying all of the .desktop files individually?

You haven’t provided your garuda-inxi according to template. Please always follow the template when requesting help.

Now assuming you are using i3wm, given the topic i3wm

Following this wiki link.

By default when pressing $mod+Enter it launches the i3-sensible-terminal which is a script that invokes a terminal. See i3-sensible-terminal(1) for the order terminals are invoked in.

To instead launch a terminal of choice, modify this line in ~/.config/i3/config:

bindsym $mod+Return exec i3-sensible-terminal

Alternatively, set the $TERMINAL environment variable.

So I believe appending


to the /etc/environment file should be enough. You would have to relogin though for the environment variable to take effect.


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