Telegram Chat Inaccessible

I tried to join the Garuda Social chat, but it says it’s inaccessible. I remember joining it in the past. My username on Telegram is Amos Huckleberry 4°. Was I banned for some reason? I still love using Garuda either way, I’d just like to chat with other Garuda users sometime.

Yes, iirc you were banned. You were the guy posing with a gun on your profile picture a while back?

Edit: found it

Basically disrespectful comments and behavior led to this decision for everyone wondering. There were warnings given before executing the actual ban.


I’m not sure what the offense was. Perhaps it was a mistake, or maybe I said something dumb. I understand if the decision still stands, I just don’t remember what the offense was. Cheers anyway.

Is this decision final?

As for Telegram, yes. Since it has been an internal decision there is little reason to revisit it. Nevertheless you might be able to connect via Matrix. Make sure to behave well, though.


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