TAp to click , scroll direction settings changed and Jittery UI in wayland after switching from x11

Hello Garuda users.


  1. Tap to Click is not enabled by default in Wayland
  2. Scrolling direction on touchpad is reversed
  3. Firefox appears to be more janky than usual
  4. And cursor is showing more friction

How to rectify these errors( same config as X11) and make All apps smooth in wayland (like they were in X11) ?

These are not bugs, but features, the KDE way.

Have you looked in the user manual, in the system settings?

Not everything you need has to become the default.

By the way, one "problem", one thread, you know, it is easier for the forum search.

And maybe helpful too

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Why are you wasting the time of helpful people here?

I'm closing here.


But you do realize KDE Wayland is still in development and works slightly different than X11?