Have you guys considered switching to systemd-boot? I did that a few months ago with my manjaro-sway desktop and what a breath of fresh air, especially when using LUKS. Being able to just edit the config files in /boot and not having a lot of magic rebuild is sooo nice. I usually hate the systemd stuff and the systemd-everywhere but the perspective to go back to grub… There are probably systemd-boot alternatives too…

Systemd-boot doesn’t support all the things Garuda does with being able to boot off btrfs snapshots and easily restore them.


Bummer. I guess that precludes switching my desktop to garuda 'cause there’s no going back to grub with raid1 encrypted root disks for me…

In case it is not clear, systemd-boot can be used on Garuda Linux instead of Grub. You would have to set it up yourself, but there is plenty of documentation available if you don’t know how to do it.

It will not replace Grub as the default bootloader, because the ability to boot off of Btrfs snapshots is considered one of the bread and butter features of the distro. Booting off of snapshots doesn’t work with systemd-boot because the kernels and initramfs images are not stored on the Btrfs partition.


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