System upgrade after installation takes so long


I've been using garuda for a while. I had some sort of weird problems with my wifi card, which forced me to switch to another distro. Now I wanted to switch to garuda again. I already had an ISO on my ventoy usb, thought I should download again since they should be updated regularly. But, as we can see by looking at the version of the iso (221019) it wasn't updated, so I went with my current ISO. I connected laptop to the internet by cable then started installation, it didn't take long and I booted up. Before installing wifi driver, I started a system update and there was like ~600 packages to install. And the download speed was slower than my original speed. I've waited for 2 hours and it just updated 30 packages or something.

I know that this process doesn't take much time with a decent internet connection. But currently this is the situation. How often does the ISO's get updated? What can I do?

(btw tried with the current iso too. Same thing happened.)

The ISOs won't get updated until the next release is finished, because there are major changes.

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