System update causes latte-dock black box, no animations and screen tearing

I am using Garuda Linux KDE Dragonized version. After a system update (pacman -Syyu):

  • There is a black box around latte-dock
  • Animations have been disabled
  • Window manager (alt-tab) shows an ugly looking list instead of the animated scroll
  • There is screen tearing in almost all the applications while scrolling (Browser, Slack, etc)

kernel linux-lts 5.4.98-1
garuda-dr460nized r150.8c52f91-1
latte-dock-git r5016.c922aec8-1

Likely the compositor has crashed or has otherwise been disabled. Reenable it.

If that doesn't work then post full details about your system (inxi -Fxxxz) and the packages you just updated (from /var/log/pacman.log).


Hi thank you for your answer
Re-enabling the compositor has fixed the issue, thanks!

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I had the same issue after update yesterday and re-enabling the compositor also fixed the issue for me.

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