System tray not showing certain Apps

Usually the system tray would show apps like steam or discord but for some reason it doesn't.
Looking around the net I can't seem to find an answer that works or I can understand.

Just to confirm, you checked the settings for what is shown and not, correct?

It looks a little different depending on if you are using latte-dock or not.


Normal plasma tray:

Either way you can get to it by click on the arrow pointing down in the tray and then the settings icon.


Using the normal plasma tray it doesn't show Discord, steam, or even flameshot as entries at all.

Have you rebooted since you installed all of those?

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Yes, I did it just now to check and it didn't change anything.

Can you confirm if steam/discord is actually running in the background or they exit when you close the window. Launch discord/steam with terminal and close the window if the command ends it means they close in background.

When I run Discord on terminal and close discord the command does end.

Well there is your answer. Try to find out how to keep discord running in the background its not a bug/issue

discord &

in a script which runs at startup.

It appears I've disabled the Status Notifier Manager and after enabling it Things like steam, discord, and Flameshot appear on the system tray. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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