System tray menu should close after clicking elsewhere on desktop

I don't know whether it is the right place to report this, But I feel it is very frustrating to search for the icon I have clicked and then click that same icon to close the menu.
I am talking about that wifi, battery, and Bluetooth menu which opens when we click the icons on the top right of the screen.

I am using latte dock on garuda draconized.

Yes, this is the wrong place.
It is probably a KDE feature. :wink:
Latte-dock will be replaced soon, if the "problem" still exists you should submit a suggestion to the developers of the app. In any case, it is not from Garuda Linux.

Ok, Can I easily replace latte-dock with another like Cairo-Dock?
Please provide me with suggestions if any.
Can you tell me the steps?
Will the latte dock be replaced in the next version of garuda?

I have found it. It's not a bug but rather a feature accidentally turned on. If you open any popup, there's a white circle button on top right that says keep open. Click on it once to turn off the always open feature. It may not indicate click action so you need to only click once.