System becomes unusable after lastest update

Hello Garuda users, this will be my first post on the forum and need a little help.

After running “garuda-update” the system becomes unstable.

Output from “garuda-ixni” before the update

After a reboot I login to a black desktop with cursor.

And this is the inxi output after the update.

Hey there :wave:
Can you post the output of

cat /var/log/garuda/garuda-update

Let’s see if we can find anything from the update logs.

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cat /var/log/pacman.log | grep '2023-11-13' | grep -E 'installed|upgraded|removed'

Shouldn’t that be the 15th? Looks like the inxi’s last update is today.

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Its just my copy & paste sample :slight_smile:

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Output from the log.

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