Sync local folder with google drive

I'm looking for a way to synchronize a local folder on my freshly installed gadura/cinnamon laptop with my google drive.
i've read about the lnsync app but it isn't a freeware :frowning:

finger crossed


Hi there, welcome.
Insync is in our chaotic-aur repo.
I don't use it, but I definitely think it's free...

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it's free to download and install but after 15 days you have to open the wallet :laughing:

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Ok, so, before anyone using Google drive gives a reliable answer, I can only suggest giving a look in the aur.
This is a simple search.
You may want to give a look.
E g. grive seems to have good votes.

just found gosync-git .
A python freeware that might do the trick.
I'll give it a try.

Maybe consider also the suggestions in the Arch wiki


Not to sure how comfortable you are with the command line?

You could use and if you prefer GUI you can use it with RcloneBrowser | Simple cross platform GUI for rclone. Supports macOS, GNU/Linux, BSD family and Windows.

If you want automated syncing then you'd need to create a script and a cronjob to schedule regular syncs

Edit oops I didn't see it listed in the URL above