Switching to an optimized and stable distro

Hello everyone, I'm contemplating switching distro from Manjaro KDE to Nobara or Garuda, I never used a Fedora based distro before and haven't touched gnome since years. Also, I'm still wondering if my problems were not mainly for using an Arch based distro.

I want a distro that is low cost in resources yet stable and good performance wise and, mainly for gaming, game (goddot, unity) /software/web development.

In my experience with Manjaro KDE for few years I simply had a lot of spikes when it comes to cpu/disk usage after performing tasks, how is it with Garuda?

Sometimes it freezes a lot, while some software and games feel very buggy, heavy and slow such as simply opening either steam or riot games (are these two a nightmare everywhere else?). Multi-tasking many stuff at once can reproduce the same result, let's say something like opening browser + discord + pdf files + visual studio code or eclipse.

And let's not even talk about stability with Manjaro, I mean as linux user you ought to be somewhat masochistic. But sometimes there is really no solution to do with manjaro beside waiting a very long time for fixes or reinstall the whole distro.

I wonder how many of manjaro problems I faced were also because of KDE or being an arch based distro? That's why I wonder how the KDE from Garuda & Nobara is, and which is better compared when you compare Garuda with Nobara, do they have the same kind of optimization for gaming & ..?

Currently, I'm using a laptop I5 7200U with Integrated graphic intel HD 620 and 8gb ram, I'm also building an above average PC which I need few more months to finish (delivery and foreign currency are a pain where I live), something with ryzen 5 5600g until I find a fine gpu to add at good price. If either distro work well on laptop, then I may also put it on my new desktop pc.

Try them both and decide for yourself. :slightly_smiling_face:

Most people here are using Garuda (the people who think Nobara is better are probably enjoying the discussion at the Nobara forum :wink:), so you are unlikely to get an unbiased take. We're all just going to tell you Garuda is the best! :joy:

One of the great thing about these open-source distros is they are free, and trivial to switch from one to another. So: try them both, play some games, try a few things you have had trouble with on Manjaro or whatever and see what you think.

Honestly, either one would probably work well for you; only you can decide which is best.


We're all just going to tell you Garuda is the best! :joy:

Well it is.

What is Nobara anyway?

Arch is always a bit of a challenge, but if you're a programmer, that's for you.

The AUR is really really useful. .NET SDK 6.0.9 is only available through the AUR; so is 7 preview. And programming with Avalonia gives mobile support only with the later SDK versions. More stable distros can give you issues with cutting-edge development as a programmer.


Just gonna put out there that I would also consider BigLinux as it has been heavily optimised to work very well on all old and new hardware. But yeah Garuda is pretty awesome and I don’t know what Nobara or whatever it was is like. Definitely move on from Manjaro though lol


I "nearly" moved to Manjaro at first, as the "tried and tested" solution. Looking now, I'm glad I didn't.


I see, thank you for you answer. I take the bias in consideration, no worry!

There is a problem that prevent me from freely testing distros, my external hard drive was ruined. So I have to copy my files via LAN cable or small sized flash disks.

Lastly come internet problem, it's quite slow where I live. So imagine having to do all the downloading process (games & software) to test the distro thoroughly.

Yeah, you dodged a bullet there. Not the worst but still bad.

Thank's for your reply!

Nobara is a new distro made by GloriousEggroll. Just from his name it is rapidly gaining fame.

Arch updates can get pretty beefy... won't work on 56K dial-up modem


From the FAQ:

The idle RAM usage is pretty high, how to I reduce it?

Its widely known that unused RAM is wasted RAM nowadays. In Garuda we use some performance tweaks that might increase RAM usage while improving performance such as systemd-swap...etc

Garuda is developed/maintained to use as much RAM as it can to improve performance.


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