Switch to wayfire - Broken BTRFS-Assistant

Hey there,
I've recently made the switch to wayfire, and gladly noticed that's running way faster than KDE ever could. It takes some setting up, but I'm quickly getting used to the whole ecosystem of wayfire.
While I do like it, I have some issues:
First of all, is it possible to get a polkit popup to show on wayfire? Currently I would have to execute the program together with pkexec for a terminal prompt, but i would prefer a popup like in KDE. (On top of that pkexec doesn't really like wayfire anyways, since entering the password there returns that I am not authorized)

Another issue that I was facing is, that i would need to have KDE or similars installed to be able to restore backups easily (I don't have a lot of experience with btrfs, but it doesn't really make sense to me, that I can boot into a backup, but then don't have an easy way to restore that exact backup.). What I mean by this is, that the btrfs restore-popup when booting into a backup just doesn't show up at all. This might be related to the fact, that running btrfs-assistant with sudo -E also doesn't work, since it's unable to find the wayland or x11 ui plugins, even though I have xwayland enabled in my wayfire config.

At the end I want to mention, that I am not using the garuda config, but rather just stock wayfire with a custom waybar config, that apparently completely satisfies my needs:

These are quite a lot of problems to put into one forum post, but I figured I'd give it a try.
What could I do to fix these?

EDIT: Regarding the missing polkit popup: it turns out that I need a gui client for polkit. Might be possible to implement that with a wayfire plugin, or probably even without, but I am not gonna try my luck with that, because of security reasons

EDIT 2: A tldr: 1. Polkit has no gui client - 2. BTRFS-Assistant is broken on wayfire

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That's why we keep writing here in the forum, one problem, one post/topic.
Because things get mixed up quickly.

I don't like flooding forums with several different posts at once. I somewhat hoped there to be a quick solution for most of them so they would boil down to one problem quickly. Wayfire is quite new to me, so there is probably stuff I have missed or not explored.

EDIT: That already seems to have happened. I just looked over my post and the BTRFS problem seems to be the theme of this post now.

Our wayfire config has polkit enabled
Just check it


Oh awesome, I didn't know you can just run the gnome polkit client, thank you!

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