Switch to Garuda Blackarch Dragonised from Garuda Dragonised

Hi I've been using Garuda for a while now. And I needed the pen testing version of Garuda (Blackarch). Now I could either reinstall Garuda, this time Blackarch edition or I could use the official Blackarch ISO. My question is can I switch to Garuda Blackarch Dragonised without having to reinstall considering my install is under a single partition that is under /. Any answer/tutorial/A Simple No would be appreciated so that I can continue to work with something else. Thank you in advance!

Also I would like to notify that I've read the General FAQ and indeed there is a guide on switching versions but they're just packages not different flavours of the distro. Since I would be needing to switch mirrors for Blackarch edition but the FAQ guide doesn't seem like it would work for Blackarch edition

Install Blackarch Repo may help.


Yup, simply add blackarch repo and install what you need


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