Swiching Graphics Card driver on the Asus Zephyrus G14 Laptop

I have a Asus Zephyrus g14 Laptop that has a Ryzen 4800HS CPU and an Nvidia 1650 graphics card.

With the nouveau driver, I get about 7 to 8 hours of backup, however, with the latest Nvidia binary driver - the prime render offload version installed via the Garuda Assistant, I only get two and a half hours or so of battery backup.

Further when running games like Total War Warhammer II it seems to not detect my Nvidia Card at all.

My question is basically how do I switch the graphics easily between the Integrated AMD GPU and the Dedicated Nvidia GPU such that the AMD gpu runs normally and switches to Nvidia like in Optimus laptops. I know there are things like bumblebee and optimus but I think they only support Nvidia and Intel.

Kindly advise, if possible a noob friendly method, as I am not very conversant with the commandline.

Also Garuda is an awesome distro much props to the team for all the hardwork that they must have done on it.

I believe there is a hybrid driver profile specifically for this sort of AMD+NVIDIA setup listed under Garuda Hardware Manager.

You can then run applications on the dGPU using the prime-run wrapper (there are a number of threads on the forum that include how to use this, including with Steam).

thank you so very much, for the information about prime-run i was unaware of it.

edit: also do you mean the version with the prime render offload? i am already running that. However, I am not getting the kind of battery life that I should be getting on the integrated gpu. Using Nouveau I easily get like 7-8 hours on light browsing. Here on similar conditions I am hardly getting two and a half hours. any clues as to why that is happening?

Did you install asus-nb-ctrl? Are you sure you are running on the integrated gpu? I have the same laptop and I get around 6 and a half hour with the latest nvidia driver.