Sweetified Theme

Hello again,

Where can I find theme being used for Garuda Dr460nized ? Sweetified Plasma. I love it but can't find it..


The theme used is Sweet, icons are BeautyLine although we ship a modified version with more Icons themed :slight_smile:


But in Dr460nized it's called Sweetified Plasma, is it just custom name ?

Thats just a plasma theme preset which contains the layout of the desktop & plasmoid
Grab it from our GitLab :wink:

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How do I use browser hooks and where on Gitlab can I get the layout of the desktop & plasmoid ? I don't see them..

Start Websearch, please.
The best place to ask this is in the forum whose OS you are using.


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Am so sorry but I meant how can I implement Garuda Browser hooks into my distro from Garuda Gitlab ? am a Linux noob..

Use Garuda.

Then change nothing.

As said, ask there, please :slight_smile:


Ok @SGS already mentioned to ask for the distro or simply search on Duckduckgo / whoogle as it is same for any other KDE.

But still, I would help you.

So just download

And copy and paste extracted contents in usr/share/icons and use them in settings.

If you want hooks and all other stuff, then I would recommend installing Garuda Linux.

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Thanks buddy. I have done that. Awesome work. As I said I will be back on Garuda mark my words. Just waiting in the shadows for a more stable release.. Once all the dust has settled on the crash...

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more stable? The chaotic aur issue has been for the most part fixed. My WORK system is now running garuda. it is quite stable.


Excuse me, Mister, but can I steal your rims, tires, and paint job while I'm waiting for the Lord to buy me a Mercedes Benz? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


i laughed out loud, i'll admit it.

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Well I dunno was just reporting my experience with what you are using for WORK. That's how things get better, you get them,try them report back issues you had for them to be fixed. It's called CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM!

If that doesn't suit you then ok you have the right to express it. You think I want to hate on Garuda? I have stated more than once how much I like it. But with the issues I encountered I can't.

If for one second you try to put blame on my usage you are wrong coz issues I had were out the box before I did anything.

All I gotta say is that it's a damn shame such a great Distro has such a bad support community with illusion of grandur... Toxicity demolished many a great product.

That said I still won't give up on Garuda I will just have to look for support via Google and other more friendly Linux communities.

Thanks for all that did help. For the rest kindly leave your big egos at bay... And maybe then community will grow peacefully...

Excuse me, Mister, but can I steal your rims, tires, and paintjob while I'm waiting for the Lord to buy me a Mercedes Benz?

Nice one, but Linux is all about open source unless am mistaking... No one stealing anything. If you can't grasp concept of Open Source then you at the wrong place buddy!

Peace be with you all...

It was not my intent to offend just to point out that that the issues with the chaotic aur have for the most part been solved, and because of that I'm using garuda as my primary work system, which has to be very stable.
You are in the Garuda support forum asking for help with another distro. What did you expect the users were going to say?
Hope you have a good experience with whatever you end up using.


I agree but I wasn't asking for help with another Distro just how to use some of the Garuda features with Distro am currently on while I wait for some kinks to be worked out. As for what Distro I will end up on... Could be Garuda coz it has everything I need OOB...

So, you ask to use garuda "tools" in other distro, so what will be the correct words then.
You want help to install theme/icons in other OS than Garuda.

Sample, went to mac forum and ask how you can istall apps from apple in M$.
What do you think is the answer? Go to M$ and ask there.

We help in Linux scene but why you do not understand that 99.99999% of Garuda users have no problems?

I think we have said all about sweetified theme and I close now this topic.