Sweet Alert Usable on Forum or Website?

I just came across this while browsing GitHub, and the first thought that came through my head was, "This would look amazing on the Forum and Website" Has anyone come across this project before? Does it go along with the Garuda brand and UI?



This looks interesting indeed.

However, we do not use pop ups at all, The only one I remember to use is on donate page

To disable users clicking "Continue to Donate" without checking "I have read and I agree to the policy". Pop up says "Please agree to the policy to continue"

And, I would like it to remain pop up instead of sweet alert.

But anyways, that is really useful thing for websites in general.
Thanks for sharing!


Yeah I wasn't sure where you guys were using pop ups and whatnot. But it looked pretty similar to Garuda's theming, so I figured I'd throw it out there. :slight_smile:

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