Swapping audio channels (left <-> right)

Noob question:

Is there 3rd party software or other way to swap audio output channels?

Looked around octopi options, tried LibreY, this forum, but time is limited on how much I can waste on searching.

If not, nevermind, I will swap it in my head instead.

No garuda-inxi ; but what I will say will assume you are using Pipewire as that is the default.
EDIT: You’ll most likely want to use JamesDSP as @Bro suggested below as it is easier. If for whatever reason you need to try something else, you can try what I state below.

You can use easyeffects to achieve this using the “Stereo Tools” effect (requires calf , which is an optional dependency of easyeffects . For a full list, check Arch Linux - easyeffects 7.1.6-1 (x86_64)

Make sure your system is up to date, and then install in the terminal with

sudo pacman -S easyeffects calf

After that, run easyeffects, and click the “Effects” button down below. Click on “Add Effect”, then “Stereo Effects”. After Clicking “Stereo Matrix” there will be a drop down field; select “LR > RL (Stereo Flip Channels)”.

In KDE’s sound settings, you can pick the “Easy Effects Sink” as the output device.
Keep in mind the testing there in KDE settings for other audio devices will not be effected, but that sink should be.

After selecting that, you can test it out with a Youtube video or the like.
Example stereo test: https://youtu.be/6TWJaFD6R2s


Only true audiophiles install audio jacks in their own heads.

Try JamesDSP. It has channel-switching plugins. And much easier than EasyEffects. :smiley:


Ya, I keep forgetting about JamesDSP :sweat_smile:. I think its because it had some nasty bugs quite some time ago and I keep forgetting to give it a shot again.


Yer boss posted a simple fix for that quite some time ago. He said…

At first I though was a DSP issue but it was persistent also with EasyEffects so investigating a little deeper I found could be a Pipewire issue.
frequent popping/crackling with pipewire / Multimedia and Games / Arch Linux Forums
Changing those lines eradicate all the cracking/popping everywhere (removing the comments and substituting the numbers):
default.clock.quantum = 2048 #1024
default.clock.min-quantum = 1024 #32
default.clock.max-quantum = 4096 #2048


Yep, this works :slight_smile:
Thank you (all)

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