Swap. Zram needed?

As i have 64 GB of ram I think I can disable swap or give it problems with some apps? Like on windows?
Is zram needed or is it better to remove bec as I read it's only compressed swap. So my thinking was that the performance should be better without swap and zram or I am wrong?

Yes :wink:
First world problem :wink:

To be or not to be, its regardless :smiley:

Only my personal opinion.


True :).. Thx . But its only for interesting bec I like to understand and use it the best way

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You are unlikely to hit swap under any normal circumstances, but that doesn't mean that there may not be advantages to having it enabled. Here's a link to an explanation of why this so, if you're interested.
Personally I haven't had a 'swap hit' in years (currently on 32Gb) but I define it anyway :grin:


With 64 GB of RAM, you don't really need a true swap partition, but you can use zram without a problem.

I do hit swap sometimes on 32G, but it's only zram as well.

Zram though is not simply a compressed swap.
It's handled like a block device and you can format it with most filesystems and put anything in it, including swap.

zramctl shows current status.