Surface laptop 2 cant find any wifi in garuda

I tried fixing using restart network manager and other methods from this forum but still cant find wifi and bluetooth. I already disabled fast restart in windows already but still cant
Fyi : i use surface laptop 2 ( really old one with i7 gen 8 )
I use dual boot with window partition drive 40 gb for linux.
I disabled the secure boot entirely.
I unstall and install entire linux and start over (garuda) again and again for 3 times now still not working

If this turns out to be a hardware issues im sorry
But I just installed

Hi there welcome to the forum.
We need your garuda-inxi as required in the template.
This is especially important for networking issues.
Use a mobile phone tethering if necessary.
You could also try installing this firmware.
Or see
Further info

(mentioning the same firmware)


Use the linux-surface kernel by following the documentation for Arch here. GitHub - linux-surface/linux-surface: Linux Kernel for Surface Devices

After i install package from window and put in usb drive and rhen i boot linux and then sudo pacman it from usb now both wifi and bluetooth is working just fine thank you very much :pray:


Welcome to the Garuda forum @ThaiEnglishGamer.

Please be sure to post the output of the garuda-inxi command when opening a help request in the future as was already mentioned earlier.

Again, welcome to the Garuda community @ThaiEnglishGamer.


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