Super(windows) key and shortcuts not working

My shortcuts stop functioning ( example alt tab to access quick app menu), WIndows key etc

Any idea what service must be sleeping ?

tks !!!


I don't think it is a service issue.
These are configurations, maybe overwritten resetting to default settings in case of troubles.
E.g. in my case I open the app launcher with windows key with a Latte configuration like here (search Latte in application launcher, then preferences). But when I have to reset Latte, it gets removed.

For other shortcuts, I don't know what you need and have.
You should search for shortcuts in system settings and you'll find something like this (only an example to show alt+tab):




In deed I had a problem, my system was not rebooting. For some reason, I finally get it to boot

Is there a place where a backup of all previous shortcuts are stored ?? some bkp file of our shortcuts ?

Tks !

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