Suggestion to auto-mount, or make it easy to auto mount drives

Hello there, first time user on the Garuda Linux forum, (I'm expecting the welcome to Garuda Linux badge c:).
After having to reinstall multiple times Garuda Linux for mistakes I've made (Badly configuring mesa-git myself when the chaotic-mesa-git package group wasn't fully restored, or trying to install the proprietary AMDGPUPRO drivers for testing) and correctly understanding how to restore snapshots properly via time shift, I've had to reconfigure Garuda Linux multiples times due to not separating the home directory by default (Or having an easy way to do it, I don't have so much luck with partitionning).
I've had one suggestion to do regarding Garuda Linux, and even, most Linux distributions in general.
Out of the many Linux distributions I've been distro-hoping in the past, only deepen and Kodachi (Which is mostly just a live distribution) were auto-mounting drives at start by default.
I don't even remember other distributions allowing you to auto mount them via an option.

The main reason other distributions doesn't do it seems for privacy reasons, but the average OS user, would very likely auto-mount the drivers installed DIRECTLY onto his machine at boot, leaving just external ones like USB or external hard-drives manually mountable.

So, I'm suggesting if Garuda Linux could allow to either, auto mount the drives easily at boot, or add an easy setting in their managers programs, to auto mount drives at boot, instead of having to touch at the fstab file themselves, or like me, using the Gnome Disk utility each time.

Done already I think

And welcome to Garuda :grin:

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Can't found a commit with the keywords "mount" or "drive" in it.
If it is already done a couple of versions ago, I can confirm it not working in the Dragonized version, nor the BSPWM version that I've tried with ext4 partitions on my desktop.