Suggestion: Prompt to skip rate-mirrior

Having a prompt to skip rate-mirror on update would be great.

Running rate-mirror on each garuda-update often takes longer than the actual update itself and doesn’t really give any benefit unless something has changed since the last time it was run.

Thanks guys. :slight_smile:

You can skip it with the relevant parameter (when needed) or config file (for good):


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Seems it need the template also in feedback.


I usually use this command as it will do 2 things:

  1. skip the rate mirror update.
  2. update the aur

sudo garuda-update --aur --skip-mirrorlist

You could uncomment SKIP_MIRRORLIST=1 and UPDATE_AUR=1 in /etc/garuda/garuda-update/config, and then just run plain old garuda-update every time if you wanted.

Either way, sudo is not needed when running garuda-update.

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