Suggestion: Portmaster as a System Component option?

I’m not sure where to post this suggestion, so if it’s in the wrong place please forgive me.

I watched this video earlier…

…it’s aimed at Windows users, but Portmaster also has a version for Arch Linux AUR (en) - portmaster-stub-bin.

It’s open source GitHub - safing/portmaster: 🏔 Love Freedom - ❌ Block Mass Surveillance and the standard version is free.

I personally couldn’t get Firewalld or Opensnitch working, so I’m currently using ufw.

Would it be possible to have Portmaster as an option in System Components, or alternatively as an item in the internet section of the Setup Assistant?


Just FYI, I have read reports of portmaster unexpectedly interfering with internet connectivity. I’m not biased for or against it, Im just letting people know that when you introduce another layer of filtering it can cause issues that the average person may not even think to check. When troubleshooting connectivity issues the less variables the better in most cases.


Thanks for the info.

Maybe sometime in the future Garuda might consider it as an item in the internet section of the Setup Assistant when it’s more mature and causes fewer problems…?


I’ve had my eye on Portmaster for a while now too. Once it is deemed more mature/stable by the Garuda team, I would love for it to be added in the Garuda’s GUI options as well.
Looks to be pretty user friendly with its GUI for managing a firewall, and I would love to try it out when it is reported to be in a very stable state.


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