Suggestion KDE Dragonized Gaming

1: Remove Alacrity and use

  • Pamac for installing packages
  • Built-in terminal from Desktop enviroment for script setup

Reason: When setup fail (setup-assistant, garuda-gamers, garuda-settings), the alacrity will quit with success status (despite no change to the system) or will just out right quit. And it is really unnecessary when you already include pamac and the DE probably include its own terminal.

2: Remove game packages and retroarch

Reason: This will reduce the amount of data needed to download. Not everyone want to play console / linux games or people who have low download speed. And I DO NOT want to spend 3 hours to update 0ad game again.

3: Dont install applications that do nothing on installed machine

Reason: Not every laptop / PC that have RGB lights or RGB Keyboard flare or play game using controller.

4: Dont include multiple game launcher that does exactly the same thing

GameHub and Lutris do the same thing
Heroic Game Launcher and Legendary (RARE) do the same thing

5: Change setup-assistant so its friendlier to use


  • Why multiple windows when you can combine it into a single screen like Manjaro Setup Assistance or split it into tab like modern web browser.
    • Currently, if the setup-assistant fail in any of the selected package then whole setup will fail and user have to run it again and have to reselect packages (missing dependencies / optional dependencies) again which is STUPID.
  • Each selection should be run separately and subsequently using pamac so if there a problem with the selected packages (and or dependencies) then it wont cause entire installation chain to fail and user will have properly information and ways to deal with the errors compare to alacrity which is nothing except rerun the script and hope its success - very confusing for casual users.

Garuda is not Manjaro.

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Of course not. But it is simpler to select packages in a single window than having to select packages from multiple windows. And also faster to select and install the remaining packages if the setup-assistant fail for any reason.

Im not suggesting that or anything, its just the first example that pop first in my head when I typing. Sorry about that.

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If I'm reading these correctly, most of these suggestions are based around removing the "gaming" part of the Gaming edition?


Yes. Remove Alacrity as dependency of assistant / gamer / settings manager / network manager / boot options.
Reason is if it fail to do anything, the alacrity will quit instead of allow users to change the script or provide any information on WHY the script fail.

Example: If I want to remove IA Launcher using Garuda - gamers script, it will launch Alacrity to execute the script, but the script fail and then just close abruptly. Its way more stable than just send command and tell pamac to remove the package.

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This sounds like a bug that should be reported so it can be fixed. Open a new thread with as much information about the situation as possible, including versions and any terminal output you can gather.


Will do, but I prefer garuda to use DE built-in / default terminal and package manager for less headache and less do-the-same application.

This will require a different implementation of Garuda Assistant for every DE... that's why Alacritty is pulled out as a dependency for all of them, to make things unified.

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about reducing stuff well
will see what can be reduced
but this edition is more of a showcase and oob experice


for scripts yeah I can understand, but why not use pamac for package installation? Its provide more ways to deal with failed packages than from scripts, especially with scripts that clear && sudo .

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or just allow user to select which packages to install which will definitely help and remove the needs to compile another ISO dragonized gaming flavor just for casual PC gaming.

Here are a couple of reasons

  • pamac is often broken because it targets the Manjaro repos not the Arch repo
  • pamac introduces a lot of complexity for something as simple as package installation

Most of the tools used to use pamac for package installation and that has been removed due to the issues it created.


That's the solution. :slight_smile:

Install "normal" Version and use Garuda Gamer,solved.


What you are describing sounds like the normal dr460nized edition. It lets you choose what you want installed.

It just sounds like the "gamer" edition isn't a good fit for you. The advantage of the gamer edition isn't that it lets you play games. It is for people who want virtually everything preinstalled.


Ok, I need to be more clear.

The reason I suggest to use pamac instead of alacritty is that the terminal window will close regardless of the script execution is success or fail and there no way that inform that to the user. Example: alacritty -e sudo pacman -R hyphen-lang - The alacritty terminal will close as soon as the script is done (even when the script fail).

A simple command execute on a windowed terminal (terminal window opened by the user) will be able to install / remove packages displayed in garuda-gamer but when garuda-gamer's execute script using alacritty then nothing happen (no packages change) except for asking password.

@dalto .... isn't this the issue I had in the ISO release thread ? Although the reason was different, the case was that Alacritty would fail without I even noticing it ( in my case at least ).

That has nothing to do with alacritty, that is simply how that application is written to work. alacritty does what you tell it to. Garuda Assistant doesn't do that. It pauses at the end and waits for user feedback so you can see what happened.

Also, none of that changes the fact that pamac isn't an option because it doesn't reliably work on Arch-based distros.

No. Your issue was that alacritty wouldn't open in the first place. I am already working on Garuda Assistant so it only uses alacritty as a last resort and tries to use a more standard terminal if one is available.


well I did say that the reason was different :slight_smile: OK then ! :slight_smile:

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If that because of bad design then I gave up. You can close the thread and keep the old way.

Not even user friendly for new users but whatever.

We recently had the case where Pacman got updated to version 6 and Pamac being broken for several weeks as consequence = setup assistant failed 100%. This ain't a nice experience which is why we resorted to Alacritty + Pacman as alternative solution.
In how far would using the DE terminal solve this issue?

We have reasons for what we do. No need to feel hurt because of explaining reasoning.