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I believe this is the right area to post this. Correct me if I am wrong.

I was wondering what the Garuda Team thinks about implementing a "Tip" system like we see on reddit. I think it would be a cool way to support the team with money and add some flair to community engagement. I think its a neat way to show appreciation to somebody who replies or posts something that really helps you out or you want to thank them in a more meaningful way?

Its probably difficult to implement hence just a suggestion if its something feasible and but I feel its a nice way to add revenue and support the devs/artists in someway. I mean clearly a lot of work was put into this distro and the logo is super cool including all the design choices for Icons that resemble a minimalist fluent design style. I might argue the people who worked on this have a better sense of design and continuity of style from application to application than the Microsoft Windows 10 system

Well, we don't even accept donations yet. Do you think that we would accept this?
Please keep in mind that we are not money driven.

Thanks for complement btw.


There is nothing wrong with offering my appreciation via a monetary route.

I cant speak for the Gardua team as a whole but there is nothing immoral about accepting donations or creating a monetary scheme for stickers like on reddit. Its not mandatory and those who really wish to support via their pockets and dont have the technical expertise to invest time into development can still contribute into a project they love.

I think such a system would not defacto classify you as money driven. I understand of course personal beliefs and core values. However, even non-profits accept donations and it doesn't detract from their purpose of mission statement.

However like I said its a suggestion to ponder upon. I would frame it as not being money driven but being practical that (Me) being part of the user base understand the time sunk into this and would be willing to back it up with currency which translates to more possibilities to expand and grow. However thats just my opinion.

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it will be difficult to implement for another reason also: most of the popular payment systems can be tracked, and we on Garuda don't want to compromise our devs and users privacy. The only way to make this private is by using unpopular methods like anonymous crypto


So, you please see this post

I don't say that accepting donations is Money Driven( but accepting Tips for help on forums is).
But we yet have to decide on accepting donations.
Actually the main issue with accepting donations is High platform fees+Commissions
We don't want to waste donors money in commissions.

But if our expenses increase exponentially in future due to huge userbase, we might have to accept donations.


I see you typing and I am like image

Yeah that makes sense. I guess I just really want to show my support in someway thats impactful. Whatever system you all come up with..Ill be happy to support!

I suppose in the meantime Ill just keep recommending the distro to all my friends haha


I agree there is nothing wrong in your idea, but it is not yet the time - plans are not in place and why ruin something, for lack of patience? No offence, I see the passion.

I too want to contribute to help, but I - like you - have to respect what the devs wishes are, at present. I surely don't want to give rise to any more pressure or worries for them.

I try to be useful and give time, not money, at present.

In time, should the opportunity arise, I am sure that wish will not wane, but grow stronger. Until then, I will wait. I suggest you wait to see what the future may bring. :slightly_smiling_face:


Most definitely ! I agree with your line of reasoning and no offense taken--You said it in a professional way.

I will surely see what I can do in the mean time to contribute in terms of exposure to new people and in general answering forum questions since my expertise are not quite there yet to offer development help.


Donations to the distro may eventually happen. In the meantime the best ways to help out are:

Reccomend Garuda to others looking for a new distro. Leaving a positive review on Distrowatch is a nice way to show appreciation.

If you feel inclined to contribute in ways other than financially, the best outlet for this is to assist others with issues on the forum. Even if you don't feel competent to offer advice this will quickly change as you can learn as you go. Nothing is appreciated more than giving back to your community. :hugs:

If you really wish to contribute monetarily, consider contributing to one of our essential upstream projects such as Arch, Timeshift, or any other project that you rely on for your daily computing needs.


If you feel an urge to donate, donating to Fosshost would be a great idea until a we develop a good plan for Garuda donations. After all, we almost exclusively run on hardware provided by them and all this wouldnt be possible without them :innocent:


Of course, my bad for not specifically mentioning Fosshost.

Also, while not an option for most users, if you have the coding skills contributing to the project in that way would be a great way to help improve the distro.


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