Suggestion: Explictly mention what each Garuda ISO provides on the website

I’ve currently run into an issue with a friend of mine who wanted to try out Garuda, but had found out that their Gnome install offers a very different experience than what KDE Dragonized offers.
The Garuda assistant and a graphical package manager seem to be missing from the gnome ISO, which caused some issues when they were getting started.

We already tell users what they will be getting out of the box when attempting to install the Dragonized Gaming Edition, so we can do something similar for other ISOs to help users gauge what will fit their interests and what they will have to manually install.

Additionally, we should also explicitly tell new users that some applications will require an internet connection to install extra software during the first time setup process on the website.

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I may be misunderstanding your last paragraph.
Shouldn’t be clear to every user that an internet connection is required to install additional applications?


It says on the website that the following software are included with the distro:

Some of these are not included by default inside the distro when you first launch it, and will have to install them from the first time setup process; which requires an internet connection.
I know it’s a bit odd to include a note that says “you need an internet connection to install some of these” in a rolling release distro, but for newbies or distro hoppers; this kind of clarification would not only be helpful, but would be more accurate to what Garuda actually provides out of the box.

As far as I know the only difference between garuda distros is the different DE’s. Maintainers can certainly add and remove some software that they personally like but garuda developed software like garuda assistant, garuda gamer, garuda boot options etc are available in all ISO’s I believe this is just a misunderstanding from your part. As you can see this is the package list from garuda’s site for GNOME ISO and it states it has garuda assistant.

garuda-assistant 2.7.6-1
garuda-backgrounds r15.cd07442-1
garuda-bash-config 1.0.5-1
garuda-boot-options 1.0.3-1
garuda-browser-settings 1.2.3-1
garuda-common-settings 2.6.17-1
garuda-dracut-support 1.0.1-1
garuda-fish-config 1.5.19-1
garuda-gamer 1.1.9-1
garuda-gnome-settings 1.5.0-2
garuda-hooks 2.10.2-1
garuda-hotfixes 1.1.2-1
garuda-icons r38.be2c9ae-1
garuda-libs 1.4.4-1
garuda-migrations 2.4.2-1
garuda-network-assistant 1.1.2-1
garuda-settings-manager 1.0.2-5
garuda-setup-assistant 3.1.11-1
garuda-starship-prompt 1.0.3-1
garuda-system-maintenance 2.0.5-2
garuda-update 4.2.4-1
garuda-wallpapers r86.e1486a1-1
garuda-welcome 1.2.1-1

Octopi is certainly only a dr460nized thing but these garuda softwares are available regardless of spin. I am on hyprland and I too have them. I think this might be a simple issue of not properly looking in your system or maybe a faulty installation??

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That is odd, I’ll be downloading gnome’s ISO later tonight and check it out for myself. If these packages are missing only from their install; I’ll ask them to get me some relevant info to understand what went wrong.

Well, you’re certainly not wrong if that’s the case.
In my opinion, the Garuda homepage should remain as it is.

I personally think we should forego the Gaming Edition.
I emphasize that is my personal opinion and should not be the subject of discussion.

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Thanks for the feedback.

Tell us which one and we change the text. :slight_smile: It is possible that changes to the ISO have not yet been taken into account here.

“Suggestion: Explictly mention what each Garuda ISO provides on the website.”

Each DE have explicitly the pkgs.txt file for that.

To list everything on the download page would be too extensive.

As far as the Internet connection is concerned, we assume that this is available. This is the only legal way to download the ISO files. :wink:

Furthermore, it is rather pointless to distribute a rolling distribution on USB sticks because they are constantly being updated.
Even non-Arch based distributions are constantly distributing security related upgrades, but without internet connection you are very safe and don’t need it.

Octopi or pacseek, work without internet connection? I am sure pacseek not.


Yes, I would hope so. :wink:

Garuda Assistant is included by default, and can be launched from the application overview, from Garuda Welcome, or even from the command line. Perhaps you are thinking of something else?

Garuda Linux does not ship a GUI package manager by default. If a particular spin has a GUI package manager installed, it is because the maintainer of that spin has decided to add one.

The informative pop-up you are referring to is only for the gaming edition. It announces what extra stuff will be installed, compared to the “normal” Dr460nized edition. It is by no means a comprehensive list of all the stuff that will be included in the ISO–not by a long shot. It is more a way of explaining what differentiates the gaming edition from the regular Dr460nized ISO, to help folks decide which one they would like to install.

This is explicitly stated in the installer if you are not connected to the internet when you start it. It will warn you that certain crucial parts of the setup routine will not succeed unless you connect to the internet before you begin.


Yeah, apparently my friend’s own iso might have been corrupted or something because I’ve been able to get a gui for installers on the first time setup process while he was unable to get the process finishing after updating his system.

Still a bit weird that Gnome doesn’t have pamac or anything like that installed by default, but since you can just grab another one from the setup process, I guess it can be a non-issue unless you’re a noob who don’t know what the options at start mean.

Tell us which one and we change the text. :slight_smile: It is possible that changes to the ISO have not yet been taken into account here.

  • The itch launcher
  • ReplaySorcery
  • NoiseTorch

obs was missing before from my recollection, but apparently it’s been added into the packages list so… yuppie!

To list everything on the download page would be too extensive.

Would it be better if we simply just linked the packages list links next to them? It will not be as good as having a modal that showcases the more important packages, but since it already exists; why not show it directly to more people?

Furthermore, it is rather pointless to distribute a rolling distribution on USB sticks because they are constantly being updated.

Ehh, fair enough.

We do already have exactly this. :grin:

Go ahead, see for yourself: it is below the ISO and shasum download options on every ISO.


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