Sudo not working

Hey, so I have no clue how to provide logs or necessary information for this problem, but essentially, typing sudo doesn't grant root permissions for anything. Sudo Pacman -Syu says "error: you cannot perform this operation unless you are root." and software like Kate asks for root permission to save changes when modifying files even when using the command Sudo Kate ... It worked yesterday just fine no problem though so what's up? Works on Bash just fine as it asks me for root permission by typing in my password. The default shell which is Fish does not prompt for password however and defaults as in I have no root access.

Can we see 3 things:

  • The actual text of you typing the command and the error
  • The output of which sudo and alias sudo

Running kate as root is really not a great idea. There also is no reason to since it can write files as root on it's own.


Seems it was caused by me creating the alias alias gedit='kate' and alias sudo gedit='kate'. Was trying to create an alias as I like Kate but I'm so used to typing nano or gedit I wanted to make an alias to alternate the command gedit as user and sudo to kate. Somehow I broke gedit though and I don't really understand how.

This is wrong syntax. You assign alias to one word, not two.

I don't think so...
Have you read (and understood the error message?

sudo kate

Executing Kate with sudo is not possible due to unfixable security vulnerabilities. It is also not necessary; simply use Kate normally, and you will be prompted for elevated privileges when saving documents if needed.

This happens with Kate and other KDE apps, like dolphin. Dolphin has a different implementation, though.


Wasn't aware syntax for alias was only one word so thanks for letting me know. Was wondering why the issues happened but yeah after removing the alias it was fine. And sudo kate does work as I just tested it but yeah I agree it isn't necessary as I did test without sudo and it does prompt for root permissions. I generally stick to nano but sometimes Kate is useful as the shortcut for finding a word in nano seems to prompt to close the terminal. But yeah, anyway thanks for the info. Now I know it's only one word per alias and to use Kate without sudo.

What do you mean?
It doesn't work for me. How does this work for you?


I just did sudo pacman -S kate and then did sudo kate /etc /fstab and it opened up the text editor just fine and let me do what I wanted.

This is not normal. I don't know why this works on your system, but I will investigate.
Anyway, don't use this. You don't need it.


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