Stucked at boot after installing nvidia driver

After installing nvidia drivers...
Pc is not booting at all..
But snapshots are working.. any way to fix it..
Or I have to reinstall?

If snapshots are working, are you following -

It's a two-stage process. Select the snapshot and boot into it, then go to Timeshift and restore from there.

After that, a forum search will show many threads dealing with Nvidia drivers and your symptoms.


Thanks a Lot .

Well unable to fix nvidia issue...

Ok, try the following, after booting into working snapshot.

sudo pacman -Syu (updates system)



sudo dkms autoinstall (installs Nvida drivers)

reboot and test if working nicely.

Note - all this is available from forum searches.


It works!
Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

Previously When I installed issue I faced..from usb I can live boot by using nvidia drivers..but this time..that failed.
I request Garuda team to look into this issue.

If you believe this is a Garuda ISO deficiency, start a new topic and describe it.
Generally reporting leads to generally fixing. :man_shrugging:


Actually I am not sure ..but previously never faced such Nvidia relates issue.
Anyway Garuda is beautiful and smooth..
Just keep it up and provide monthly updates. :slight_smile:

On my old Nvidia PC I got the same but it s not Garuda's fault its Nvidia :slight_smile:

So we said, never again Nvidia, CDU + CSU, Sony, HP, M$ and so on :smiley:


They come much faster than monthly. This is a rolling distro.


We'll get that corrected straight away. We put a whole team on that, we've got them working in shifts. :night_with_stars: :sunny:

You should have mentioned upfront
that you are one of our "Enterprise Gold" $20,000 per year (Red Hat equivalent) preferred support clients. :money_with_wings:

If we'd known you were one of our priority commercial clients we would have bumped your support ticket to the top of the list. Next time be sure to quote your account number in any support request to ensure you receive the priority support you paid for.

So sorry for any delays, we hope they didn't inconvenience you too greatly. :cry:

Is there anything else we can do for you today while you have the teams undivided attention.

A soufflé and waffles perhaps for your Sunday brunch, with a glass of champagne and orange juice. Nothing is too extravagant for our "Enterprise Gold" clients. :waffle: :clinking_glasses:

Please don't hesitate to let us know if there's anything further we can do for you. :bowing_man:


I am new in Linux so had so idea about Nvidai issues and also had no idea about rolling distro.
Sorry for that :frowning:


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