Stuck on install

I am in the process of installing Garuda but I have a problem. I have a 2T hard drive that had another Arch version installed. I used KDE Partition Editor and reduced the footprint from 2T to about 500GB. That went well and tested out fine.

Then I started the install and got stuck. I do not know how to create a second partition of about 1GB for Garuda.

Any thoughts will be thankfully accepted.

gary :mask: :mask: :mask:

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I use only, also on KDE, gparted, but why you do not create a empty partition and then start calamares. gparted is on live ISO , I hope :slight_smile: :crossed_fingers:

I think you need more :smiley:

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brain fade on the typo of 1 Gb. I want a Garuda partition of 1T. I did not find gparted on the live iso. I will try your suggestion


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Live ISO

sudo pacman -Syu gparted

in every session if you need again.


Thank you for your help. gparted was on the other distro. Created 1Tpartition, then loaded the live iso, ran the install, no real problems. did an update, that went fine too.

thank you again...

I will have some more questions. Tomorrow morning at about 4am, i will start loading the rest of the software that i need.