Stuck on fresh installation

How do you know your USB key is bad? I’ve been using the same 3 USB keys since 2013. They don’t just break.

It’s a poor craftsman who blames his tools.

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No, there are bad ones! It is very common for USB sticks to not work for installation, for no discernible reason. I think trying another USB stick is a good idea. :+1:


Like certain Sandisk models… :dizzy_face:
But yes, storage is storage and is bound for failure eventually (or in certain models much sooner)

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If you get the same issue again after using other USB , just post in this thread .

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And I have a SanDisk usb…

Becaaause… No matter what I did nothing changed? Even with a different .iso file, even with different flash program.

If you say so. I have two SanDisk Cruzer Glide 8GB, mod. no. SDCZ60-006G, and one SanDisk Cruzer Glide SDCZ60-016G. One with Windows 11, one with the always current Arch. I format the 8GBs before every write. The 16GB has had Ventoy on it for 2-3 years and multiple, ever-changing ISOs. But like I said, all bought and in constant use since 2013. Maybe they made better batches back then.

As far as I can recall, I’ve only ever formatted or written to them in Linux. Maybe that makes a difference? :man_shrugging:

I’m not (really) cheap on cheap stuff like that. Not really. I have no qualms replacing them if they fail. But I’m not gonna jinx 'em. You really can jinx stuff like that. I know from experience. :wink: :smiley:

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Not just brand, but certain models of the brand of Sandisk. Mostly with somewhat new portable storage devices. There is still ongoing news of how bad it is. SanDisk Extreme Pro Failures Result From Design and Manufacturing Flaws, Says Data Recovery Firm | Tom's Hardware
I dodged a bullet with my drive as it doesn’t have the exact numbers on it as reported failures. :cold_sweat:

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Also be sure your controller is set to AHCI mode in your BIOS, (not RAID , Optane, or RST). If you are running Windows in dual boot, then both OS’s need to have the same settings in the bios.


Oh, those big-ass external drives! You know, I really considered one of those bad boyz as an additional external disk before buying a (gulp) 1 TB WD Blue SATA SSD–used–to match my (gulp) 1TB m.2 2280 WD Blue SATA SSD–used–main drive instead.

Then learned of WD SATA SSD abysmal failure rate. So maybe what goes around comes around? I just hope they last as long as the USB keys I’ve been using so long. :dizzy_face:

OTOH, they both pass extended S.M.A.R.T. test, and WD’s own management engine shows <100 hours each. :crossed_fingers:

Ahem… Ubuntu!
Keeps crying always that installation media is slow. Garuda installs forn the same media in 5 mins :skull:

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Alright, guys, update.

Finally my order came and at the moment of typing this I’m flashing my usb drive with ventoy.

Wish me luck!

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Happy news! I got it!
Thank you everyone.