Stuck on automatic driver installation via MHWD

Hello Garuda users.

I'm trying to install garuda on a PC with a GTX 1660 and an AMD Ryzen 5 2600 but it won't go past MHWD driver detection (i waited for more than 10 minutes).

I have already disabled secure boot and there is no fast boot settings in MSI bios.

Both options: free and NVIDIA are stuck on that step.

What can I do?


Which DE?
Please, post full ISO name and download path URL etc.
Do you use etcher, ventoy, dd?
Did you check shasum?

KDE Dragonized Edition


Flashed from windows tried with both Rufus and Etcher


Try Ventoy, there is a M$ version.

While I was looking for an answer here on the forum, it finished. It took about 20m...
So strange

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Found the slow MHWD problem and also general slowness of the system. The problem was a tp-link WIFI USB adapter connected to the system. Apparently this block the entire system.
I'll create another thread to try to get that working

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This is rare, but it does happen that a wifi device can block installation.

If you need assistance with your wifi, open a help thread in the "Networking Support" subfora.

Glad you got Garuda installed.

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