Stuck in Grub rescue

I use garuda dragonized version, when i shut down my system it didn't shut down, so i switched off the power button and after sometime i turned it on, it says:
error:unknown file system
Entering rescue mode...
Grub rescue>

I tried:
ls with each partition but all of them shows unknown file system.

I tried live USB boot to atleast copy my data from the hard drive, but it is not showing up in the file manager.
Please help...

Hi there, welcome.
Sounds wierd, I hope you have a backup strategy in place...
The bad sign is that you don't see your drives from the live USB.
Normally I'd suggest:

  • try to restore a working snapshot from the live USB
  • try a sudo btrfs check from the live USB

But you have few chances, given the above.
Just in case, give a look also at the BIOS, in case something was reset due to that forced power off: fast boot off, secure boot off, SATA mode AHCI, etc.

Good luck!


How can i restore the snapshot, can you please help..
It is not showing the snapshots list..
Can you give me the steps please, i have my college documents and reports, anyhow i have to get those Atleast.
Please help...

If, booting from the live USB, the Garuda Assistant doesn't show any snapshots in the Snapper tab you're out of luck.

There is a high change your partitions got messed up, As filo said. We are sorry.

Sometimes system processes have to be completed before the shutdown, which can take up to 3 minutes.
If the splashscreen is visible, you can press ESC or "Arrow down" to observe the countdown.
As soon as the PC is shut down "forcibly", there is a risk of destroying the system.
If you have not made any backups, you can try to restore your files with "Testdisk" or other programs.


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