Stuck at boot logo

Booting from USB the latest gaming dragonized version, but after clicking boot in grub it wont go past the boot logo

How can I fix this? Thanks in advance!
my specs: i7 8700k
gtx 1070ti
maybe I should try setting drivers to "free" (default is nonfree)

Currently it seems the kernel and nvidia drivers are not compatible.

So try free drivers


Thanks for the fast reply! Yeah that fixed it

once i got the install done on my test box with the free drivers, i updated fully and then installed nvidia and it was fine. your mileage may vary, my test box is super generic.

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Hi having same problem here and I do not have an nvidia card but defaut integrated intel card... I tried free and non-free drivers still stuck on boot logo... ( Am using the i3 iso) by the way the iso is not compatible with EFI x64 any solution ?

Do not use a solved thread after two month for your problem, please, open new thread.

And welcome :slight_smile: