Stuck At 79% (configuring the Hardware)

No, this is not needed.
I see in the inxi you booted with:

Maybe use free drivers option next time (you don't have GPUs requiring proprietary drivers).


Depends on where you save the download.

downloader save only on ... :smiley: internal disks?

Not asked where to download

Btw speed is too slow

Folks, it also happened to me very recently. First person to guess "Calamares" wins a door prize.

How you solved itt??

I typed archinstall after I re-booted into Arch's July ISO and went onward from there.

(I promise not to tell you I'm writing this from Windows.)

It was not a good day, that one. Not at all. Nothing else seemed to boot.

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Can anyone suggest me the best distro i think my pc is not made for garuda

MX-Linux :slight_smile:

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Suggest good gnome

I removed zorin os because of old gnome

Why not Fedora!

Installed it now

Can you suggest some useful settings like showing minimize icons etc

I'm afraid you'll need to get in the habit to search things yourself (this is the only way to learn).
We are definitely going off topic (and this is not a bug, and especially not Garuda anymore I guess).
This is the 1st hit of an internet search: